Baba Farid Public Senior Secondary School


1. Parents should get in touch with the respective teachers regularly.
2. Parents teacher meetings are held at regular intervals. It is compulsary on the part of parents/guardians to attend it.
3. Original birth certificate from Municipal Corporation along with attested photocopy.
4. Students should be properly dressed in the school uniform.
5. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers in the classes.
6. Pupils should not absent themselves without sanctioned leave.
7. In case of illness the parents are advised not to send their wards to school.
8. Intimate the class teacher in the case of loss of report card or any other articles immediately.
9. It is mandatory that changes in the residence/office addresses and telephone numbers be communicated in writing to the school office immediately.
10. Information in admission form once entered will not be changed.
11 .The parents who are willing to withdraw his/her child for any reason must inform the school office in advance.